Greetings from Rovigno

My friend recently got a great job in a city by the seaside (in Croatia) called Rovinj so she invited me to come for a visit and of course, I gladly accepted the offer. I invited one of my coolest friends who accompanied me on a weekend road trip. But, first thing’s first, you need to learn something about Rovinj so you could experience the same feelings we had.


Rovinj or Rovigno is a Croatian city in the north Adriatic Sea. It is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula and it’s one of the touristically most popular cities in Croatia. People living in Rovinj speak a mixed version of Croatian and Italian language which is something really  different  from what you hear in the rest of the country. It’s like living in another world, I would dare to say. Everybody is very  calm because the nature surrounding them makes them feel this way. Except for the Italians, they always talk loudly and wave their hands in such a charming way 🙂

The soothing smell of crystal clear sea and warm colorful houses makes everybody feel cool and satisfied with where they are. Adorable, narrow streets give the city it’s charm and they make you feel like everybody there is so close to each other so you like people of Rovinj even more.


It’s May now so the official summer season time hasn’t started yet, but lots of tourists were already there. I am not surprised because the weather is magnificent and the water is almost ready for swimming.

There are many things to visit in Rovinj and one of the greatest is Zlatni rt, forest park which is an absolute must see location. While you are walking by those tall trees , you get lost in your thoughts and then you arrive to small stone beaches where peope lay down, sunbathe and enjoy themselves like never before. It’s pure hedonism, my friend.



When you get hungry or thirsty, Rovinj has a lot to offer. Tourists can choose between many cafe’s in the Old city or the ones on the riviera, but my favorite Rovigno cafe is Mediterraneo bar where I’ve been with my friends. It’s a little cafe place decorated in a shabby chic style, and the best part of it is… are you ready? You sit on the rocks only one foot away from the sea and you can hear seagulls, smell the sea and see ships passing by. Amazing.




We ate mostly at home because we are poor students but yeah, we also had lunch in a restaurant. It was a little grill house called Maslina (Olive in Croatian) near the hotels (Monte Mulini, Lone and Eden) and the food was delicious. Two of us ordered chef’s burgers with bits of bacon and vegetables and the other friend had ćevapćići which also looked great. A bit too much for such tiny girls like us (ha ha, kidding, we’re like whales but it was still a bit too much) but hey, we survived. Thumbs up for Maslina!

photo (2)

I tried to write something to help you imagine how good things are in Rovinj and inspire you to start thinking about coming here, but I think now I’ll just show you some of the photos I took.

Enjoy the view!












Thanks for reading.
Lidia with a J.


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