Let’s taco ’bout flowers

Zucchinis are the queens of summer. Period. Their flowers are also their crowns and what kind of a crown is the one you can’t eat? Not as good as the one you can, that’s for sure.

I never tried  zucchini flowers and I think that’s simply because flowers are not really considered as food in everyday life. Also, you know, when you see a flower, you don’t instantly think to yourself: ‘Wow, this flower looks so yummy, I wanna eat it so badly.’

However,  I have known for a long time that you can eat them if you want and it sounded kind of appealing to me. I mean, I love zucchini, so what is there not to love about their flowers? And I was right to think that way of those alluring yellow bits.


I went home to visit my family for the weekend, and as always my mom  had lots of food packed for me to take back to my apartment in Zagreb. As if that wasn’t enough, she told me we have to go to my aunt’s house who has a big garden full of delicious summer veggies where I can pick whatever I want. Since I am in love with food, I instantly said: Let’s go mom!

In the middle of playing with my aunt’s young and friendly dog, we managed to finally visit the garden. Being there is like visiting heaven for foodies and organic food lovers. It’s so organised and smells amazing. Then I saw them – zucchini flowers. I didn’t care about eggplants or tomatoes (which are also the best) anymore, I only saw those yellow flowers of happiness. My aunt gave me a bag full of yellow goodies and the next day (yes, I know they should be eaten immediately, but can you not be so negative right now?) I searched the Internet to find some recipes I could use, but I didn’t find the one I liked, so I decided to improvise.


I had some tortillas in my kitchen cabinet and I also found some eggs, whole wheat flour, milk, salt, pepper, greek yogurt, garlic and parsley, sweet paprika, cheese, peppers and tomato, plus some olive oil and a spoon of lemon juice. So I mixed all of that together and I got a divine and almost healthy fast food! How is that even possible, you may ask yourself? Well, I will tell you, my friend.

I mixed up two eggs, a bit of milk and just enough flour to makea a thick and creamy mixture. Afterwards  I added some salt, pepper, chilli flakes and sweet paprika and mixed it a bit more. I washed the zucchini flowers, removed their petals and let them dry on a paper towel. While that was happening, I put some oil on a stove and made it really, really hot, chopped some tomatoes and bell peppers and made cheese sticks. When the flowers were dry, I stuffed them with cheese sticks and fried them in hot oil. They take only a few seconds so be careful about that. At the same time, I grilled the tortillas a bit and the whole thing was almost ready. The only thing left was the dressing, the sauce, the final touch, call it whatever you like. I mixed some greek yogurt, chopped garlic and parsley. I added some salt, pepper, olive oil and a drop of lemon juice. When everything was ready, there was only one thing to do. Put it together it and EAT!

You do it your way, I did it mine. Put some sauce on the tortilla, add two stuffed and fried flowers and sprinkle it with some salad. Oh yeah, while cooking I also found some lettuce so I added that, too. That’s it. It’s delicious, it’s both unhealthy and healthy at the same time and it’s everything you need on a hot summers day.

That’s me eating it down there. You see how much I am enjoying myself? That could be you!


Stay healthy, stay hot and eat flowers because they are damn delicious and your poop will smell really nice!

Thank you for reading,

Lidia with a J.


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