Treat. Yo. Self.

Although I said it already, I am going to repeat it just in case – I am not really a great baker. Honestly, I have never been much into cakes, tarts and other sweets. Veggies, meat, bread and fish is what I really like. And also, veggies are often on my menu because I am a poor student who can’t afford a great piece of meat to play with.

This time, it was a Sunday afternoon, cloudy and lazy. The day before I woke up early, went to the farmers market and bought myself, among all the other yummy stuff, a bag of apricots and some figs. That’s how the idea was born – Lidia with a J is going to make eclairs with apricot cream.


I made eclairs a couple of times by now and every time they turned out to be really yummy. Also, I heard that all the yummy stuff needs to be repeated, so here we are.

Anyway, it’s simple, it sounded easy in my head and it doesn’t involve eggs in the custard because that is what terrifies me when it comes to making fillings and creams.

I am going to separate this recipe into segments so you can easily follow it if you want to make it yourself and you should because it is really, really, really delicious and you wouldn’t be able to stop eating. But hey! I have a solution for your problem. The recipe is for only about ten eclairs so that you don’t eat too much. I care about you, my dear three readers!

First, you have to make the pastry. You can find a recipe on the internet, just type in eclair pastry recipe and it will be there. I made mine this way: Put 125 ml of water and 50 grams of butter in a pan and make it hot. Then add 75 grams of flour, some salt, a pinch of baking powder and mix it all together until the dough starts to look like a dough. Then, slowly, one by one, add two eggs and mix it really hard so the eggs don’t get cooked. Cool it a bit and put it in a bag. Squeeze it out in silly shapes and bake it on 180 C until it gets lightly golden. Cool it some more.


Secondly, the custard. I had two creams because the day before I made some pies with plums and apricots so there was some ganache left and I had to use it. Ganache is really easy to make. Just boil some whipping cream and pour it over the chocolate. Mix it and cool it and there you have it – your chocolate ganache is done! That’s the easy way out and it’s also really good but you don’t have to do it, there is no need for you to have two different creams because that means you will want to eat both types of eclairs and you will get fat. Believe me!

Apricot cream is also very easy to make. Like I said, I don’t like complicated fillings, so I kind of improvised and it turned out great. I cooked some apricots with butter and a bit of vanilla sugar until they got soft. Also, you should lightly beat whipping cream. Put the apricots in a blender and mix it into the puree. Combine it with whipped cream and put it in a freezer. It should get light and creamy and taste so good!

Then you melt some bitter chocolate with butter and slice some figs. That’s the easiest part.


And I will say it once more! You want all your elements to cool before you put them together so you need to be patient. If you’ve done everything just like I described until now, you are almost finished. Stay brave!

The only thing you have to do now is to combine it all together. Fill the pastry with cream and put some chocolate and chopped figs over it. Cool it down or eat it right away because the pastry is way better if you eat it immediately. I like it so much that I ate like three of them without the filling.

You should get this amazing pastry filled with even better sweet fruity cream with a scent of vanilla, drizzled with bitter chocolate and sprinkled with some sweet figs. It’s heaven going on in your mouth, believe me. Or don’t, maybe that’s better for you. You can still save yourself from this divine dessert that will make you eat more and more and more and more… until you can’t fit into your clothes anymore.

So that’s it! Your eclairs with apricot cream are finished. Enjoy them, you only live once.


Stay sweet.

Lidia with a J.


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    ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2016. korisnik Peace and hamburgers, please napisao je:

    > Lidia with a J posted: “Although I said it already, I am going to repeat > it just in case – I am not really a great baker. Honestly, I have never > been much into cakes, tarts and other sweets. Veggies, meat, bread and fish > is what I really like. And also, veggies are often on my m” >


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