Fresh bread kinda day


One of the most wonderful things in the world for me is making dough. It doesn’t matter what kind of dough it is, just as long as it becomes a delicious, fluffy product at the end. And the smell, oh the smell! The smell of baking your own bread or some kind of rolls or basically anything else, for that matter, is a pure smell of victory.

Through years of my interest in cooking, I’ve made several different kinds of bread and similar products but I never succeeded to make such crispy on the outside and just so soft and bubbly on the inside bread. Of course, I am talking about no knead bread.




At first, I had my doubts about where to bake it and then suddenly I would change my mind because I only have oven dishes that don’t have any lid and I thought the folium just won’t do it. Then yesterday I remembered that somewhere in my storage I have this old pot that I just don’t use anymore. I took it out of the closet and although I wasn’t 100% sure if it’s going to work in a regular pot such as mine was, I decided to do it. It was the best decision to make!

No knead bread is basically what it says it is. You just put some flour, warm water, yeast and salt in a bowl, mix it well until you get this sticky dough and then forget about it until tomorrow. Finally, in the morning, you turn your oven on and wait for the magic to happen.


You have to bake it with a lid on because of the steam that creates the greatest, softest but crunchy bread. Last 15 do 20 minutes take the lid off and let it turn golden.

That’s it. It’s that easy. Of course, you can be creative with different kinds of flour to make perfect bread for yourself. I did mine with plain white flour mixed with a small amount of buckwheat flour (400 g of plain + 100 g buckwheat).

Don’t overthink it and start to make it with your hands, it’s really not necessary. Just let it rise properly and everything else will be done by itself.


The hardest part is waiting for bread to bake so I opened my oven a couple of times just to see how it’s going but I don’t see how that affected the bread so I guess it’s alright to peek just a bit if you’re that curious. When the bread is done, let it rest and prepare your butter or whatever you tend to put on a crispy, fresh, warm bread. It’s just pure deliciousness.

I found the recipe on Simply So Good blog but I think it’s just so simple that you will want to make your own version ASAP. Get your hands sticky and let the games begin.

Good luck,

Lidija with a J.




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